Fernando Comerón
TITLE: Highlights of the program of The European Southern Observatory   pdf

Luis Norberto Granda
TITLE: Dark Energy and the expanding universe   pdf

Luis Herrera
TITLE: Sources of Gravitational Radiation   pdf

Bernardo Mayorga
TITLE: ¿Por qué Garavito?   pdf

Edison Montoya
TITLE: Loop Quantum Cosmology: Effective Dynamics   pdf

Luis A. Nuñez
TITLE: Astoparticle @Eastern Colombia: updated   pdf

Gonzalo Quiroga
TITLE: Center of Mass and Spin for Isolated Sources of Gravitational Radiation   pdf

Yeinzon Rodríguez
TITLE: From Scalar Galileons to Generalized and Covariantized (non-Abelian) Vector Galileons   pdf

Jorge A. Rueda
TITLE: Neutron stars and relativistic astrophysics: the case of gamma-ray bursts and supernovae   pdf

Milton Ruiz
TITLE: Numerical relativity: from vacuum to matter spacetimes   pdf