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Italian Participants

  I.C.R.A., University of Rome Prof. ruffini@icra.it
She Sheng Xue I.C.R.A., University of Milano Prof. xue@icra.it
Vahe Gurzadyan Armenia, I.C.R.A. Prof. gurzadya@icra.it
Gian P. Imponente I.C.R.A., Universita di Napoli Dr. imponente@icra.it
F. Fraschetti I.C.R.A., University of Rome Prof. fraschetti@icra.it
G. Scrapetta University of Salerno Prof. Scarpetta@sa.infn.it
A. Sepulveda University of Colombia Prof.  
M. Lattanzi I.C.R.A., University of Rome Prof. lattanzi@icra.it
Dino Boccaletti I.C.R.A., University of Rome Prof. boccaletti@uniroma1.it


Korean Participants

ongmann Yang Ewha Womans University Prof. jyang@ewha.ac.kr
Na Hee Park Ewha Womans University Stud. Eclipsia@freechal.com
Hyo Jung Hyun Ewha Womans University Stud. marintajo@hanmail.net
Chul H. Lee Hanyang University Prof. chlee@hepth.hanyang.ac.kr
이원우 Hanyang University Stud.  
Su Kyung Lee Hanyang University Stud. maya23@hanmail.net
성록희 Kyungpook University Stud. onggy3@hanmail.net
정유경 Kyungpook University Stud.  
Dongsu Ryu Chungnam University Prof. ryu@canopus.chungnam.ac.kr
Yoonbai Kim Sungkyunkwan University Prof. yoonbai@cosmos.skku.ac.kr
Hee Il Kim Hanyang University Dr. khi@hepth.hanyang.ac.kr
Doo Jong Song Korea Astrnomy Observatory Dr. djsong@kao.ac.kr
Hyun Kyu Lee Hanyang University Prof. hklee@hepth,hanyang.ac.kr
Hui Kyung Kim Hanyang University Stud. black072@hepth.hanhyang.ac.kr
Jin Young Kim Kunsan University Prof. jykim@kunsan.ac.kr
Yun Soo Myung Inje University Prof. ysmyung@physics.inje.ac.kr
Yongduk Kim Sogang University Prof.  
Sungwon Kim Ewha Womans University Prof. sungwon@ewha.ac.kr
Soojong Pak Seoul University Prof. soojong@astro.snu.ac.kr
Feng He Ewha Womans University Prof. fengdoc@hotmail.com
Sean A. Hayward Ewha Womans University Prof. hayward@mm.ewha.ac.kr
Hyung Won Lee Inje University Prof. hwlee@physics.inje.ac.kr
Gil Sang Lee Inje University Stud. gslee@physics.inje.ac.kr
Eun Jung Yun Inje University Stud. ejyun@physics.inje.ac.kr
Kyung Hee Kim Inje University Stud. san2892@physics.inje.ac.kr
Changbom Park Seoul University Prof. cbp@astro.snu.ac.kr
Jai Sam Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology Prof. jsk@postech.ac.kr
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