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The University of Canterbury campus is in the suburb of Ilam, in western Christchurch roughly half-way between Christchurch Airport (5km) and the city centre (5km). The drive from the airport to the university takes about 12-15 minutes. Shuttle mini-buses which go from the airport to central city hotels are very happy to drop people off at university campus locations on their way into the city: at a cost of NZ$10-$12 depending on the operator. Because it is so close taxis are only marginally more expensive, at around NZ$15-20 airport-university.

City buses A and 10 go directly from the airport to the city centre (at a cost of NZ$7) but as they do not go via the university these buses are only convenient for those staying in the city centre.



Domestic Flights

There are direct domestic flights between Christchurch and all major centres in New Zealand. The following carriers do internet bookings (prices in NZ dollars):


Trans-Tasman Flights

The cost of flights to/from Australia has taken a dive with the entry of the carrier Pacific Blue onto the market. Other carriers (Air NZ, Qantas) are also offering better deals nowadays. Low cost flights can be booked on the internet (prices in Australian dollars):


Long Haul Flights

Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Los Angeles are convenient transit places to change planes for those coming from further afield in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Many more international destinations (London, Frankfurt, Santiago, Buenos Aires ...) are also available directly through Auckland International Airport. The Auckland-Christchurch flight is about 1 hour 20 minutes.

If travelling from the other side of the world, your trip may typically take 24-32 hours and involve many changes of timezone (unless you are coming from Asia). New Zealand time is 12 hours ahead of GMT.

For those from Europe, as New Zealand is roughly at the antipodal point - (Christchurch being exactly antipodal to the Spanish province of Galicia) - you can easily stop-over either in Asia (e.g., Singapore) or western United States (e.g., Los Angeles), as suits; or get a round-the-world ticket.


From United States and Canada

  • Air New Zealand (USA) [Flights transit through Auckland]
  • Air New Zealand (Canada)


From Europe

  • Singapore Airlines [Many one stop in Singapore possibilities]
  • Air New Zealand (Euro prices)
  • Air New Zealand (UK prices) [Direct flights London - Auckland]


From Asia

  • Singapore Airlines [Direct flights Singapore - Christchurch]
  • Air New Zealand (Japan) [Direct flights Narita or Kansai - Christchurch]
  • Air NZ worldwide sites
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