Pescara 2013 Presentations Print E-mail


Aharonian F.

Astrophysics and Cosmology with next generation γ-ray detectors   pdf 25.64 Mb


Aksenov A. G.

Gravitational collapse, neutrinos transport and Supernovae   pdf 347.03 Kb
Radiative transfer in relativistic plasma outflows   pdf 512.11 Kb


Alekseev G.

Kerr and Kerr-Newman black holes in Mathematical General Relativity
Part 1
  pdf 3810 Kb
Part 2
  pdf 4883 Kb


Argüelles C.

The Dark Matter distribution in galaxies: a novel approach
  pdf 1.53 Mb


Battiston R.

First Result from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment
on the International Space Station
  pdf 50.85 Mb


Belinski V.

The stabilization of the Friedman Big Bang by the shear stresses
  pdf 13.92 Kb
Kerr rotation as solitonic vortex around the static black hole
  pdf 79.06 Kb


Berezin V.

Quantum Black Holes and Their Classical Analogs
  pdf 284.52 Kb
Brane Universe: Global Geometry
  pdf 432.29 Kb


Bisnovatyi-Kogan G.S.

Galactic cluster in presence of a dark energy   pdf 1.51 Mb
Magnetorotational Explosions of Core-Collapse Supernovae
  pdf 6.13 Mb


Bluemlein J.

Feynman Integral Calculation
  pdf 231.56 Kb
Harmonic Sums, Polylogarithms, and their Generalizations
  pdf 705.19 Kb


Braga F.

The MIRAX Science   pdf 26.3 Mb


Cherubini C.

Interdisciplinary theoretical physics: from galaxies to biological systems
  pdf 4.40 Mb


Damour T.

Effective One Body Approach to the Dynamics of Binary Black Hole Systems   pdf 1.54 Mb
Gravitational Interaction of Two Spinning Black Holes   pdf 389.99 Kb
Quantum Supersymmetric Cosmology and its Hidden Kac-Moody Structure   pdf 1.44 Mb


Di Piazza A.

Classical and quantum radiation reaction in intense laser fields
  pdf 1.20 Mb
Vacuum polarization effects in strong laser beams
  pdf 893.16 Kb
QED processes in strong background electromagnetic fields
  pdf 1.08 Mb


Feng L.-L.

Phase Variations of Spinning Particles in Kerr Spacetime
  pdf 7.10 Mb


Gruber C.

Bose-Einstein condensation in compact astrophysical objects
  pdf 1.14 Mb


Jantzen R.

Differential Geometry for Relativity with Technology   pdf 566.97 Kb
Abraham, Lorentz, (Poincare), Fermi and Gauss (and a whole lot of others):
classical electromagnetic mass, a pedagogical example.
  pdf 825.33 Kb


Jetzer P.

20 years of gravitational microlensing   pdf 4.04 Mb


Kleinert H.

Strong-Coupling Field Theories
Part 1
  pdf 2.4 MB
Part 2
  pdf 58.1 MB


Leibundgut B.

SN 1987A: spectacular physics   pdf 14.95 Mb
Supernova Cosmology
  pdf 4.43 Mb


Mavromatos N.

Neutrinos in (Torsionful) Geometries of the Early Universe & the Dark Sector   pdf 13.2 Mb


Meynet G.

Stellar evolution in a nutshell: The main principles governing the evolution of stars    
Part 1   pdf 7.98 Mb
Part 2   pdf 14.35 Mb


Muccino M.

The genuine short GRB 090227B and the disguised short burst “by excess” GRB 090510
  pdf 1.5 Mb


Nicolai H.

Fermi to Planck: Conformal Symmetry and the Standard Model   pdf 404 Kb


Padovani P.

An overview of Active Galactic Nuclei
  pdf 10.3 Mb
Deep Radio SKY
  pdf 22.6 Mb


Pastorello A.

Observational properties of classical supernovae
  pdf 9.20 Mb
Explosions of massive stars: new types of transients
  pdf 24.55 Mb


Williams R.

The Nova Outburst: A Changing Paradigm
  pdf 17.37 Mb
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